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Looking for a seawall contractor in Orlando? Look no further than Orlando Deck & Dock. We specialize in comprehensive seawall services, from engineering to construction, catering to residential waterfront properties, marinas, and commercial facilities. Whether it's a concrete seawall, seawall construction, or seawall repair in Seminole or Orlando, we've got you covered in marine construction.

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At Orlando Deck and Dock, we understand the challenges of finding a reliable marine contractor in Central Florida for boat dock or seawall projects. Serving clients in Windermere, Winter Garden, Altamonte Springs, Maitland, and other Central Florida areas, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. Unlike other boat dock builders in Orlando who may struggle with communication, we guarantee prompt and responsive service, whether it's a small residential dock or a large commercial seawall project. We assure not only the timeliness and quality of our work but also a commitment to addressing the communication issues often associated with Seawall Contractors.

While our expertise lies in boat dock construction, we also have extensive experience in marine construction projects for apartment complexes, including docks, decks, and seawalls. As a retaining seawall contractor, our goal is to preserve and enhance the value of our clients' properties, especially in the face of erosion and retaining seawall challenges.


Seawalls play a crucial role in property protection, and neglecting repairs or replacements can lead to costly damages such as erosion and flooding. Our services extend to concrete seawall construction, seawall repair, and marine construction in Seminole and Orlando. Seawalls are designed to provide storm protection from floodwaters, waves, and severe weather conditions, boasting durability when properly maintained.

Concrete Seawall Contractor, Seawall Construction Seminole, Seawall Repair, Orlando, Marine Construction

Orlando Deck & Dock stands out among marine contractors by approaching each project from the homeowner's perspective, understanding that a dock is more than just a place to store a boat—it's an extension of the home. Our commitment to being responsive and prompt sets us apart, emphasizing the importance of keeping our word in a world where reliability is often undervalued.

Passionate and professional, we navigate every project with empathy, recognizing that understanding our clients' vision is the key to delivering true value. Whether it's constructing a new dock or seawall, rebuilding an aging dock, or repairing a retaining wall, our experience equips us to address your construction project effectively.

We aim to assess clients' needs and budgets, guiding them seamlessly through the entire project, from permitting and engineering to construction and final completion. At Orlando Deck & Dock, we handle every aspect to ensure a stress-free experience for our clients!